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Mobility Project - Simple Secure Communication.
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How do we develop?

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The Mobility Project makes simple, secure communication solutions.

We want to the best choice for communication. We want to offer the best security, the best documentation and the best solution both for desktop and mobile communication junkies. Providing a great communication solution means having a plan. We had a chat about this in the Development Team, and we came out with four guidelines to direct our process. We want to share these with you.

The four important guidelines for making magic:
1) We won't rush out releases.
2) We will use a testing framework to make sure what we release is good.
3) We will create development versions of the Mobility distributions to test changes.
4) We will use an audit system to make sure changes work.

We understand that people want to talk to people. People don't want to worry about updating software all the time, and don't want buggy releases. It's our job to configure things and test them, and make sure they work. When we can improve the Mobility distributions we will release new versions. We won't rush releases, and we won't shove out untested material.

Shane M. Coughlan.
Mobility Project Team Leader.

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