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Mobility Project - Simple Secure Communication.
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Who makes this stuff?

The Mobility Project is about making innovative communication solutions for real people. We do this through Free (as in 'freedom') Software, and in partnership with individuals and companies around the world. We only 'make' a few things. We mainly configure and test existing software, and combine it with innovative services. We are sponsored and hosted by, a communications consultancy based in the European Union. For more information visit

Mobility Project Team Leader
Shane Martin Coughlan
- Free software projects: Mobility Project, Enigmail, WinPT, OpenGEM.
- Shane is an associate of the Free Software Foundation, and a fellow of FSF Europe.

Mobility Project Administrators
John W. Moore III
- Free software projects: Mobility Project, Enigmail, GPG2GO.
- John is a Moderator on PGPNET.
Scott Fringer
- Free software projects: Mobility Project.
Adam Gould
- Free software projects: Mobility Project, e-Ignite, Enigmail.

Mobility Project Team Members
Elric Erekose
- Free software projects: Mobility Project.

We are currently recruiting a team of designers, developers and testers to ensure that the Mobility Project can create the best communication solutions for real people far into the future. Are you interested in becoming part of the team?
[ Click here to find out how you can join us and make things better. ]

Mobility Project Partners
- Based in San Jose, California, offers a complete range of cost effective, carrier-class hosted email solutions for individuals, businesses and ISPs that remove email aggravations. The company delivers secure, reliable services including advanced IMAP service and instant push email with spam and virus protection—all delivered on a highly scalable infrastructure. currently hosts more than 1 million paid mailboxes, servicing over 300,000 domains worldwide, and handling in excess of 100 million messages a day.

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