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At the Mobility Project we believe you can do things in two ones: one way is to be mysterious and complex about everything, and the other is to just show people how things work and let them get on with life. We prefer the second way. It's just nicer.

In that spirit we've made some flash demos to help you install Mobility Email, add your email accounts to it, and get yourself setup for sending signed and encrypted email. In short, we've illustrated everything you need to know to become a member of the simple secure communication community.

[ Click here to see how to install the Mobility Email client ]

[ Click here to see how you can add your email accounts using the wizard ]

[ Click here to see how you can add your email accounts manually ]

[ Click here to see how to generate OpenPGP keys for signing and encrypting mail ]

[ Click here to see how you can backup your OpenPGP keys for safety ]

[ Click here to see how you can send your first signed and encrypted email ]

Thank you Adam, hard working team member, for creating these guides. We hope they help you get to grips with our Free (as in Freedom) Software distribution. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact us.

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